When organizing a wedding, there is one component that may require the most care and preparation: the catering. This is why Golden Venues give you a few ideas by wedding planners in Charlotte to offer an unforgettable catering to your guests. Get inspiration for snacks or dinner to delight your guests. Especially for all these people who assist you on your special day.

As with everything, weddings also go along with their time. More and more couples often entrust catering to a good caterer who prepares special dishes and leaves all guests bewitched. In some cases, with a more casual cocktail, small special dishes are served, of which all guests can try something. Then they continue to the dining room to enjoy the complete menu. But often the catering is even more informal: All food is served during the cocktail. This relaxed way of dining ensures that the newlyweds can socialize with all guests and are not stuck to a table arrangement.

What is obviously hip is the buffet catering. A beautifully made still life of different types of sausages, cheeses, and seasonal dishes, so that the guests can take what they want. We know for sure that if you end the idea of mixed buffets, you also walk away with this idea: Tables with tasty single snacks that are easy to take to the table. Think of minifoods as pizza pieces, sushi, small burgers and fries.

Another trend is homemade lemonade or water with a taste. These are very original drinks with which you can surprise your guests! Buy a large water jug ??with tap, fill it with water and cut the colorful and tasty fruit into pieces. That is all you have to do! These drinks are also a good alternative for people who do not drink alcohol. Also, these refreshing drinks are ideal during the high season of weddings: summer. Remember this tip, because you will see it more and more at the weddings you attend.

And what about a table with sweet refreshments? This is certainly one of the things that will make your wedding even more original. During the after-party it will delight all guests. Because who does not have a nice appetite after all that dancing? Whether it’s sweets, cakes, cupcakes or other sweets, both large and small succumbs when you see a well-filled candy bar. Remember this tip, because it is certainly an idea that makes your wedding even more successful!

And if you decorate the table once again, it just gives the finishing touch. Did the water get you in the mouth of these ideas, but do not you know exactly how to combine it? Do not miss these ideas for ceremonial worship. Let your guests enjoy and enjoy!


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