Your marriage plan starts with finding a suitable wedding venue. After all, your wedding day should be an unforgettable moment, both for yourself and for your guests. And say well, what is more decisive for the atmosphere of a party than the location and surroundings? However, making the right choice is a big challenge. How do you know which party room is suitable for the festivities? Checkout practical tips you will find the perfect location for your big day in no time!

Facilities of the wedding location

Music, maestro! Your wedding party is only truly atmospheric with the appropriate music and lighting. Inquire at the party room what their facilities are in terms of music installations and lighting, so the band or DJ can provide a little music without any problems. In addition, it is also important to know if there is enough room for catering and what happens to outside events in case of bad weather. Is there a plan B?


What about the location of your party room? Is that easy for everyone to reach? And what about invalids or guests who are a day older? Can they reach your party well? Parking at the party location is also an important factor to keep an eye on. After all, you want to avoid having your guests searching for a parking spot in the neighborhood for hours.


How many guests you invite is decisive for the choice of your party location. You want everyone to experience a comfortable day. That is why there are a number of guidelines that you should keep in mind, depending on the type of party you want to give. Is there only dancing? Then calculate one square meter per person. Do you also have a dinner? Then provide four square meters per person. For standing receptions you are in between with 2 to 3 square meters per person.


You should also check out how ‘dressed’ is the location. Can you apply personal decoration? Do you have to invest in decoration or is it ready? Such matters often also determine the cost of your wedding party.


Ask the right questions when you look for the party location. Is the catering included with the location? What is the total rent for the location? Are extra extra costs calculated from a certain time? What is the cancellation policy? This way you get a good picture of the costs and you do not come across surprises afterwards.

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