The range of banquet halls in Charlotte is enormous, therefore it is important that you make the right choices when determining the banquet hall. It is important that people remember your wedding party, anniversary party, birthday party, communion party/spring festival or baby shower in the positive sense. Read below the tips by birthday party planners that may come in handy when choosing the right party room or party location.

Determine The Size Of The Party Room

How big that the room should depend not only on how many guests you will invite. Other factors also play a major role in determining the size of the room.
With a walking dinner, birthday party, people stand up and you can place more people than with a traditional sitting event. If you choose a buffet earlier, then you have to take into account that space must be provided for this.

Golden Venues has a lot of experience with organizing different parties. We are happy to help you choose the right party room. With us, you can choose from 3 different banquet rooms, and of course, in the summer you can choose to have the party or just the reception outside.

What Is Your Budget For The Party

It goes without saying that the larger the room, the higher the costs. That is why it is very important that you have an idea of ??what the party may cost in total. You have to take into account, for example, the rent of the room, the costs for the food and drinks (catering), the DJ and for example the staff.
Together with you, we look at what is possible for the budget that you have in mind. For this, you can call on our own network of professional caterers, DJs and our years of experience.

How Many Children Are There Among The Guests

A party location should not be boring for children at all. It is therefore important that children can romp safely in either indoors or outdoors. This way parents can enjoy themselves without having to occupy the children themselves.

Our party rooms, therefore, have a separate indoor and outdoor play area. All accommodation is present to keep the children sweet: indoor and outdoor castle, trampoline, outdoor playground, television, … The major is, in any case, a child-friendly function room.

Is The Party Room Accessible

Of course, nothing is more frustrating than when the party room cannot be found easily. Or, for example, when it is very far away that you have to drive a few hours before returning home.

Our banquet rooms are therefore located on the border with East Flanders and Flemish Brabant to the west of Brussels on the Ninoofsesteenweg. You can enter the E40 within 5 minutes.

Visit The Party Room

Be sure to pay a visit to the party room because the photos can give a distorted picture. Do not forget to take a look at other elements next to the party room. For example, visit the toilets, the kitchen and the garden.


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