You have already found the dress and the suit, bought the rings already and maybe even have a wedding car in mind, but you also have to decorate them. How are you doing? The decoration must reflect your life. How do you do this best? To help you on your way, have developed five essential steps given by wedding planners in Charlotte so that it is much easier for you to choose the decoration that suits you!

Step 1. Determine the style of the bride and groom

This is, without doubt, the most important step, because you are the most important thing of the day and everything that comes with it. Sometimes it can be difficult to discover which style is best or best suits you. Then we fall into the mistake of choosing everything and not really coming to one style . It is therefore important to look at your personal preferences , especially if you do not have the same taste. In that case, the most obvious thing is to come to a compromise and to learn to admit.

Remember that you also have to choose the details of your decoration in this area. Of course, the professionals of the location and the wedding planner can advise you, but let those people know clearly which style you have chosen for the wedding. The trends and tastes of others do not matter. Do not let yourself be influenced by family and friends. This may seem easy, but with so many different opinions you will no longer see the forest through the trees and you adjust your chosen style over and over again. Be true to yourself and start from there choosing.

Step 2. Look at the location and surroundings

Your style certainly also influenced choosing the location, perhaps even unconsciously. Although your location says something about your personality, it will not be that this is 100% match. Therefore try to create a personal touch with the decoration of the location.

You can do this at a more rural location, but also at hotels or locations in the city. There are countless possibilities. The location is important, but the environment is of course also important. The landscape changes the image we have of the location. The difference between a wedding in the middle of the city or in the countryside is enormous. At a rural location, a boho chic or a rural chic style fits perfectly and the beauty is that you still have a lot to choose from within these styles. Many elements are used that are typical of rural situations, but these are made just a bit nicer so they get that extra bit. This creates a cozy, personalized effect and a tasteful decoration. Dimmed and warm light also play a very important role in this type of decoration.

For the ‘more stylish’ weddings in an urban environment, the decoration is usually tighter and soberer. These are simple details that add something to the serene and classic atmosphere. We also see vintage weddings more and more often. It is a trend to renovate and decorate old elements for the wedding. Think hippie cars, typewriters, antique bikes and especially many pastel colors. The environment, place and personal style are at least the basis for the final decoration.

Step 3. Consider the season

This is vitally important: make use of everything that a season has to offer. That way it is easy to imagine which elements you can use for the decoration of your wedding. Although your style does not necessarily have to match the season in which you marry, both have a personality that you can incorporate in the style you have in mind. In the winter, for example, you can have Christmas come back in your decoration. Think of snow, pine cones, wooden houses in the mountains and pine trees.

Flowers can play an important role in the spring. They provide a cheerful, lively and colorful whole and you can use both indoors and outdoors. The summer is perfect for outdoor events: the aroma of the plants and trees, plus the beautiful gardens can be part of your decoration. Color plays an important role in the fall. This time it’s all about warm colors that you can perfectly handle in your furniture and in open spaces. Inside you can add warmth by adding wood and vintage objects.

Step 4. Choose your suppliers

Pay attention to who your suppliers are, how they work and what freedom they give you in the preparations. Some locations or wedding planners have a list of standards and requirements that may not match your style at all. Many locations even have their own stylists and although they give you some freedom, they often already have a basis that you might want to skip. So before this happens to you: find out how everything works and then you can still indicate your own turn and make everything to your taste.

Step 5. Does it fit within your budget?

If you have a clear vision of what you want, you and your wedding planner need to see what fits your budget. Then look for suppliers who can arrange your decoration for the reserved amount. This is important because the price differs per company and also per type of decoration. Do not you have a lot of money available? Do not worry, there are also many DIY options that make for a fantastic and personal decoration.

If there are no problems in economic terms, explain to the supplier exactly what you have in mind. Do not get lost in the mistake of overly decorating or combining different styles, because you do not have the theme completely clear yet. Always be advised by a professional and think along with the supplier.

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